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Citizen Charter
Citizen Charter

The National Center for Wildlife is keen to provide information and services of interest to the beneficiaries and those interested in accordance with the best technologies available through its website.
To achieve this, some standards have been set that are considered as a charter between the center and the beneficiaries of this website, as follows:

First \ Obligations of the Center:
  1. Continuity: The center is keen to provide the latest technologies and specifications that ensure the continuity of the website's operation around the clock
  2. Privacy and confidentiality of information:The center takes into consideration the confidentiality of its website users' information and places it at the top of the list of priorities, and every effort is made to provide information and services through the site according to this consideration.
  3. Communicating and responding to inquiries, complaints or suggestions: The center is obligated to address and respond to all inquiries, complaints or suggestions through the communication channels available on this site.
Second \ Obligations of the beneficiaries:

The beneficiaries of this website have a number of responsibilities and standards to achieve the existing goals of this website, including:
  1. Terms of use: The beneficiaries must know and abide by the terms of use.
  2. Communication and participation: The beneficiary of the site is obligated to provide accurate and correct information in the event that it is requested through this site, in order to be dealt with officially by the delegated personnel in the center.
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