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Wildlife Support Fund
Based on what was stated in articles (three) and (fourth) of the center’s law that the center’s funds of gifts, trusts, grants and wills are accepted by the center in accordance with the rules laid down by its board of directors, as well as other resources that the center’s board of directors decides to add.
Accordingly, the Center’s Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Kingdom's Wildlife Support Fund with the aim of providing better opportunities for conserving wildlife through the rational investment of the Fund for the benefit of all citizens. The most important objectives for establishing the Fund are as follows:
  1. Support programs to save endangered species.
  2. Support the biodiversity conservation project.
  3. Fund the implementation of awareness programs to maintain the ecological equilibrium in the Kingdom.
  4. Fund training programs for researchers in the center's fields of work. Fund seminars and workshops aimed at setting strategies for wildlife conservation and development.
Regulatory Bylaw:
The fund’s activities are governed by the Bylaw of the Wildlife Support Fund, consisting of three chapters:
  • ​Chapter One: The fund's name
​Deals with the name of the fund, its headquarters, its legal entity, its fiscal year, and the goals it aims at.
  • Chapter Two: Resources and Expenditures
Deals with the fund's resources, the provisions of how to dispose of them, how to deposit and spend money, methods for monitoring its accounts, and how to examine its financial position.
  • Chapter Three: Board of Directors
​​​​Deals with the formation of the fund’s board of directors, the term of membership, the method of work, the tasks of the board, the manner of its convening, issuance of decisions and delegation of powers.

​The Center looks forward to your kind support to develop the resources of the aforementioned fund and is pleased that you are among the contributors to these good efforts that aim to support activities to preserve our wildlife heritage in our precious country.​

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