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The National Wildlife Center About
The National Wildlife Center About

The life of nations in any part of the earth does not straighten out without equilibrium between the different aspects of life. In spite that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies within the range of arid and semi-arid regions, and the scarcity of biodiversity in comparison with most of the world's regions, but that diversity is always distinguished by its containment of wild species that have adapted over time to extreme ecological conditions during summers and winters in addition to tolerating frequent drought conditions.

The Arab man has lived for long ages in complete equilibrium with his arid environment and its limited natural resources, and he was able to preserve it through conservative traditional practices, the most important of which was the "Hima" system, which was spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula and lasted for over 2000 years. However, most of the "Himas" have been neglected and deteriorated just during the last century, and only a limited number remain at the present time.

However, with the emergence of the economic boom during the second half of the twentieth century and the increased population, agricultural, industrial and urban economic activities, the demand for wildlife resources increased and the pressure and depletion of wildlife began, as well as the increase in environmental pollution that caused further deterioration and extinction of some of the main wildlife species from the Saudi environment. The cycle of environmental degradation continued which necessitated intervention to stop it, rehabilitate the environment, and regulate the use of its natural resources.

Since its establishment in accordance with the Royal Decree No. 22 / M dated 12/9/1406 AH, (the NCWCD) has been working to develop and implement plans to address the threats to terrestrial and marine wildlife and to rehabilitate species that became extinct in the wild and endangered species, with the aim of restoring the ecological balance of natural ecosystems.

This website of the center is an open gateway that allows its visitors to find information, legislation and activity about everything related to the work of the center directly and easily which saves effort, time, burdens and the difficulty of direct visitation of the center's headquarter, especially for our sisters and brothers from outside the city of Riyadh and our children the students in different stages of education. The site also receives all kinds of suggestions and inquiries through "Contact Us".

And success is only from the Almighty Allah.

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