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The National Center for Wildlife holds a Workshop to Discuss Hunting Regulations in the Kingdom

Tomorrow, the National Center for Wildlife will hold a workshop on "Regulations of Hunting Birds, Mammals and Reptiles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia", with the participation of a number of academics and specialists in the same field.

The CEO of the center, His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Ali Qurban, explained that the workshop and the following workshops aimed at identifying the species and organizing the mechanisms, times and quantities for hunting wild mammals, reptiles and birds in the Kingdom with the participation of specialists who will be reviewing the information, studies and regulations reached and discuss them in order to reach the best practices and recommendations that ensure the organization and sustainability of hunting in the Kingdom while preserving biodiversity and ecological equilibrium.

His Excellency indicated that the workshops were to be held on three levels, as the first workshop discusses "preparing regulations for hunting mammals, reptiles and birds in the Kingdom" and targets experts and specialists from within the center to determine the species, times, quantities and means of hunting used for each species. As well as to be informed of the best global practices for sustainable hunting, while the second workshop will discuss the "proposed regulations for hunting wild birds, mammals and reptiles" with the participation of specialists and academics in the fields of birds, mammals and reptiles locally, regionally and internationally.

The CEO indicated that the third workshop was devoted to presenting "hunting regulations in the Kingdom and what has been reached through previous workshops" with a selected group of local hunters and those interested in nature from among the community members in order to listen to their opinions and proposals on the proposed regulations and standards.

His Excellency Dr. Qurban added that this comes to achieve the ambitious vision of the National Environment Strategy represented in "a prosperous and sustainable environment that enjoys the highest degree of care from all parties" by providing the enablers and engaging all concerned parties in the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures that ensure the protection and sustainability of the environment, and enhancing the effectiveness of the environmental sector in achieving economic sustainability and community partnership.

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