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The National Center for Wildlife Reintroduces a Group of Reem Gazelles into the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Reserve

​​​The National Center for Wildlife, in coordination with the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Reserve (Al-Tisiyah), reintroduced 10 Reem gazelles in the reserve today, Sunday 1st of Shaban, 1442, as part of the national program for reintroducing and resettlement of wild species in the nature reserves and parks of the Kingdom.

On this occasion, His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Ali Qurban, CEO of the National Center for Wildlife, explained that the today's reintroduction operation comes within the national program for the reintroduction of wild species, which aims to resettle local wild species that are threatened with extinction in order to restore their ecological roles in nature, and form self-proliferating groups of endangered local species, as well as raising awareness and enhancing opportunities for environmental education and recreation.​​

His Excellency also affirmed that the cooperation and integration between the relevant national authorities comes from the basis of supporting the process of preserving wild national heritage and implementing the national strategy for preserving the environment in accordance with the Kingdom's vision 2030 in order to achieve the principle of sustainable development and the development of natural wealth with its biological diversity and benefiting from it in a sustainable manner.​ ​​​​​


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