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Plant diversity
​​​Plant diversity in the Kingdom ​
The wild plant group in the Kingdom includes about 2,247 species that belong to 142 families and 837 genera, of which 246 are endemic and 656 are endangered, including 21 extinct species, 105 of which live in sandy areas, 90 species in salt marshes, and 12 species in aquatic environments. There are 114 species of trees, and the number of shrub species is about 600.
About 80% of trees are found in the western and southwestern regions, but few of them are in a forest condition.
On the coast of the Saudi Red Sea there are two types of mangrove tree species that belong to different genera, these are the trees Shura or mangrove Avicennia marina and the Qandal Mangrove trees or Rhizophora mucronata, while the type of shura grows on the Arabian Gulf coast only.
The rare or endangered plant species in the Kingdom are estimated at about 600 species, which is a high percentage, and the Kingdom is working to take the necessary measures to preserve them, especially in light of the rapid rates of economic development, unsustainable use of lands and increasing population numbers. 
Through the establishment of existing and proposed protected areas included in the system plan of protected areas, the Kingdom seeks to preserve many environments and habitats of wildlife in the Kingdom.

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