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Protected Areas

Al-Khunfah Protected Area
Al-Khanfah Protected Area is located in the north of the Kingdom on the western edge of the Great Nafud Desert, north of Tayma. It has an area of ​​19,339 square kilometers. It is characterized by its sandstone terrain, with mountains reaching 1141 meters above sea level in addition to its hills, plateaus, valleys, gorges and sandy areas.​
​Among the most important trees in the protected area are Tamarix aphylla, the Calligonum, the Lycium shawii in addition to many shrubs, herbs, and grasses. Among the most important animals are the Reem gazelle (Sand gazelle), and a few numbers of the Idmi gazelle (Mountain gazelle), in addition to foxes, hares, jerboas, and many settled and migratory birds such as the Houbara bustards, the Eurasian stone-curlew, and a number of reptiles.​

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