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Protected Areas

Al-Tubayq Protected Area

​Al-Tubayq Natural Protected Area is located in the northwest of the Kingdom along the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and has an area of 12,105 square kilometers. It is characterized by the rugged mountains of al-Tubayg on the west and center of the protected area up to a height of 1388 meters in addition to valleys, gorges, and Khabaries (lands where the water accumulate). On the surface, there are abounding sedimentary sandstone and limestone rocks, in addition to some sandy areas in the eastern side of the protected area.

The protected area is described as poorly vegetated as a result of overgrazing and logging except for the valleys where there are many Acacia gerrardii trees, and Lycium shawii, in addition to some shrubs and grasses. Ibex is considered one of the most important animals in the reserve, and there are a small number of Reem gazelle (Sand gazelle), Arabian wolf, foxes, the cape hare, and some species of reptiles and settled and migratory birds.​

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