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Protected Areas

At-Taysiyah Protected Area
​​Al-Taysiyah Protected Area is located northeast of Riyadh, with an area of 4,272.2 square kilometers. The Houbara bustard is believed to exist in the protected area but it is rare, the vegetation cover is good, it is characterized by the presence of more than 50 species, most importantly are Acacia gerrardii , Ziziphus, and other shrubs such as Lyceum shawii, Rhanterium epapposum, and Haloxylon.
The reintroduction of Houbara and other endangered wildlife in this area reinforces the fact that it is a natural extension of the movement pathway of these creatures beyond the boundaries of the protected area. The protected area is appropriate for the Houbara bustard reintroduction programs, preservation of live genetic origins, and natural rangeland management experiences, as well as many eco-tourism activities.​
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