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Farasan Islands Protected Area

​Farasan Islands Protected Area is located in the southeastern part of the Red Sea, it is about 42 km off the coast of Jazan. The protected area has a area of about 5,408 square kilometers. The Farasan Islands Protected Area comprises more than 84 islands, the largest of which is The Farasan al'Kabir (Greater Farasan) island, The Saqid or (Lesser Farasan) island, and Qummah island. These islands are inhabited by people, the majority of which are working with fishing, millet and maize cultivation.

The Farasan island is made up of reef limestone with heights between 10 to 20 meters above sea level, in some area height could reach 40 meters above sea level while the highest elevation is 75 meters above sea level, these elevations are called mountains locally. There is a number of short valleys that pour into the sea. The coasts are covered with calcareous white sands resulting from the fragmentation of corals and sea shells.

​The most important types of trees include Acacia tortilis, Impatiens balsamina, Ziziphus Spina-Christi, and Salvadora persica, in addition to the trees of Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronate that forms dense coastal mangrove. Recently the trees of mesquite or the exotic Prosopis juliflora have spread in the area. The protected area is characterized by the presence of the Farasani Idmi gazelle whaich is endemic to some of the Farasan islands, as well as the white-tailed mongoose and several rodents. Birds are characterized by their diversity and plentifulness, particularly water, shore, and migratory birds, most importantly are the osprey, pink-backed pelican, the black-headed gull, cattle egret, sooty falcons, and some species doves. There are also some lizards and snakes. ​

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