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Protected Areas

The Ibex Reserve
The Ibex Reserve is located in the central region, south of Al-Hariq and west of Hawtat Bani Tamim, 180 kilometers from Riyadh. It has an area of 1840.9 square kilometers; It is a large rugged plateau in the Tuwaiq mountain range, interspersed with many canyons and gorges and some sandy areas. The height of the western edges of the mountains is 1,097 meters.

Acacia gerrardii , Acacia tortilis , Acaicia ehrenbergiana, Zezephus and Saxaul, especially in the valleys of the reserve. Shrubs, herbal plants, and grasses are also found in small valleys and drainages, and they grow well after rains.
The main reason for protecting this area was its containment of a small herd of wild Nubian Ibex whose numbers quickly increased after the protection. In the reserve there are also good numbers of rock hyrax, as well as foxes, several species of rodents and birds, the most important of which are sand partridges and a numerous reptile species.
​A number of Idmi Gazelle (Mountain gazelle) were reintroduced to the reserve in 1990 CE, which adapted to the nature of the area and their numbers grew well.​
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