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Protected Areas

Jabal Shada Protected Area
​​​​​​The Jebel Shada Protected Area is located in the southwest of al-Bahah area, 20 kilometers northwest of the Al-Mokhwah governorate, it covers an area of 68.62 square kilometers.
Mount Shada is the upper extension of the as-Sarawat Mountains to the west, almost parallel to them. It could be the result of the lifting of the Arab shield millions of years ago, and being a transitional area between the Red Sea shelf and as-Sarawat Heights. The mountain rises about 2,200 meters above sea level. The highlands are composed of basaltic rocks that with valleys descending from them.
The most important trees of the protected area include Juniper and Wild olives, as well as many shrubs, herbal plants, and grasses. The recorded animals are the Arabian leopard, the Striped hyena, the Arabian wolf, foxes, and the Caracal.

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