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Protected Areas

Al-Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary
​​​​In the aftermath of the Kuwait liberation war and the associated oil pollution in the coastal areas on the Arabian Gulf coasts, several environmental studies and research have been carried out which suggested the need to establish the Jubail Marine Reserve to monitor pollution and its effects and thus preserve the marine biodiversity that characterizes the area.
Al-Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary is located north of the industrial city of al-Jubail along the western shore of the Arabian Gulf and extends from Abu Ali Island in the south to Ras al-Khair in the north with an area of 2410.69 square kilometers in addition to five atolls., its borders also include Dawhat al-Deffi, Dawhat al-Musallamiyah, and the islands within that area. The area waits declaration as a protected area with a decree from the Cabinet of Ministers in accordance to the Wildlife Protected Area Law.

The sanctuary is characterized with its inclusion of different habitats that contain different wildlife species. In its terrestrial habitats there is the Red fox, the Golden jackal, and several species of rodents and birds including two species of larks and many species of lizards and snakes, meanwhile in its costal habitats there is the Flamingo, and some species of Dunlins, Sea-gulls, terns, ducks, herons, and the Socotra cormorant.

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