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Protected Areas

Mahazat As-Sayd Protected Area
The Mahazat as-Sayd reserve is located in the western region, about 180 km northeast of Taif City with an area of ​​2,553 square kilometers. The area was declared protected and then surrounded by a fence with a circumference of 220 km to be a natural laboratory to start experiments to reintroduction of endemic wild fauna that have been propagated in the research centers of the National Center for Wildlife. The fence helped preserve the vegetation cover, which was on the verge of extinction, currently the protected area is full of annual and seasonal plants and weeds.
The vegetation cover of the protected area consists of short weeds that are interspersed with scattered groups of Acacia tortilis , and Maerua trees, in addition to some other desert plants such as Haloxylon, Lycium shawii and Panicgrass.

​Among the most important animals in the reserve are the Arabian wolf, sand fox, sand cat and several species of rodents in addition to different species of birds, the most important of which are the Lappet-faced vulture, the Griffon vulture, and the Egyptian vulture, as well as several reptile species.
The reintroduction program began with the release of 17 Arabian oryx in the protected area in 1990, followed by the addition of other smaller groups in successive periods. Reem gazelle and Houbara were also reintroduced there during 1990 and 1991. Red-necked ostrich was also reintroduced in the protected area, which is the closest species to the extinct Arabian ostrich. The numbers of these species have grown under preservation.​
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