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Protected Areas

Jurf Raydah Protected Area
​​Jurf Raydah (Raydah Cliff) Protected Area is located in the southwest of the Kingdom within the Sarawat Mountains, about 20 kilometers northwest of the city of Abha, and it is approximately 9.33 square kilometers. The Raydah cliff is part of the Arabian Shield, which is mainly composed of moving igneous rocks. The area is composed of steep slopes covered with dense vegetation dominated by juniper trees. There are many tributaries that descend from the top of the cliff and flow into the Shaayib (Valley) of Raydah.
This reserve is distinguished by the density and diversity of its vegetation cover, as there are juniper forests at the top of the cliff, followed downwards by wild olives, Acacia gerrardii, and several species of cacti. As for the tributaries, they contain a high percentage of diversity and density of vegetation.​

Among the most important animals found in this region are the baboons, the Arabian wolf, foxes, the striped hyena, the white-tailed mongoose, the caracal and the rock hyrax. This reserve is home to nine species of birds endemic in the Arabian Peninsula, the most important of which are the Arabian Partridge, the Arabian woodpecker and the Asir magpie, in addition to several species of East African origins, such as African Grey Hornbill, the African nightjar, Hamerkop, the Abyssinian roller, and the Little green bee-eater.​

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