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Protected Areas

Umm al-Qamari Island Protected Area
Umm al-Qamari Island Protected Area is located southwest of the Red Sea city of Al-Qunfudhah, it consists of two islands, Umm al-Qamari al-Braniah and Umm al-Qamari al-Fuqaniah. The total area of the two islands is about 4.3 square kilometers. It was named after the European turtle birds because of its abundance on them, particularly during the migration season.
The surface of the two islands is made up of reef limestone with an average height of three meters above sea level, and white coastal sands. The coral reefs of Umm. Al-Qamari al-Baraniya Island is characterized by its diversity and the fact that most of them are alive, making them distinct to study. Plants abound in the center of the two islands, the most important of which are Salvadora persica, suaedas, cactus, cyperus, and saltbushes, which also abound along the coasts.

In addition to migratory and resident European turtle birds, there are many species of seabirds, wading birds, and some costal birds such as the osprey, herons, white egret, and African ring-neck dove. Marine life is characterized by a vast variety of coral reef species and marine invertebrates.​​

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