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Protected Areas

Urug Bani Ma'arid Protected Area

​Urug Bani​ Ma'arid is located on the southwestern edge of the Empty Quarter, it has an area of 12,787 square kilometers. The protected area contains some important terrestrial formations, and natural habitats of wildlife, including high sand dunes and an intermittent limestone plateau.

The environmental condition of the protected area is generally good and its flora and fauna are representative of arid environments. Among the most common herbal plants are Haloxylon and from trees there are Acacia gerrardii, moringa, paganism, tamarisk, and calotropis procera. The most important animals in the protected aera include Arabian wolf, Sand cat, Sand fox, Striped hyena, Rock hyrax, and Cape hare. Among the birds are houbara bustards, pterocles, partridge, great grey shrike, Egyptian vulture, and several species of larks and many types of reptiles, including Dabb and monitor lizards.

The protected area was the last habitat of the Arabian Peninsula where the wild Arabian oryx was seen in 1979. Arabian ostriches, Reem gazelle, Dorcas gazelle, and Nubian Ibex were all previously present in the area.
A rehabilitation program for Arabian oryx, Reem gazelle, and Idmi gazelle was successfully implemented in 1995, 1996. These animals have adapted and naturally proliferated in the protected area and their numbers are constantly growing. ​
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