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The Sheltering Center and the Private Collections Unit

The Sheltering Center and the Private Collections Unit


The sheltering center is one of the important sectors of the National Center for Wildlife. The center plays an important role in following up wildlife in the private collections in order to ensure that places where these animals are kept are suitable for them, in addition to ensuring the safety of the wildlife herds with the private collections from diseases that may spread between these species. The trade in wildlife species in the local markets is also monitored, and the internationally prohibited species are confiscated, in addition to the confiscation of local species that are prohibited for catching. The center, in cooperation with some authorities at the outlets, such as the Customs Administration and the Border Guards, in the event of confiscation of any wildlife species, the Center preserves those organisms until the related cases are completed. The center currently houses many different fungal wildlife species, including:

  • Predators: such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, wolves, hyenas, and others. Many of these animals are not native.
  • Some birds of prey such as ospreys, hawks and eagles.
  • Reptiles and some aquatic creatures.​

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