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Training Center

Training Center
Training Center for Natural Resources Conservation
The Training Center for Natural Resources Conservation, the training body of the National Wildlife Center was established in 1998, it essentially aims to contribute to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's wildlife and biodiversity conservation policy through building the capacity of conservationists and raising the awareness of the different categories of society.
The Training Center for Natural Resources Conservation is considered the only center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia concerned with establishing specialized programs and activities in this field, and it has a financial accreditation as an annual program in the budget of the National Center for Wildlife Development, which ensures continuity in the implementation of its tasks and activities, the center targets in some of its programs several government agencies (Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture - the Center for National Environmental Compliance - Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs - Ministry of Trade and Investment - Ministry of Education - General Authority for Customs - Border Guards - Special Forces for Environmental Security – Ministry of Tourism- Public Prosecution ... etc).
In 1437 AH, the center was accredited for a period of two years as a specialized training agency to provide training programs in the field of wildlife and biodiversity conservation, by a decision of His Excellency the Minister of Civil Service and Chairman of the Training and Scholarship Committee for civil servants, and this accreditation continued to be extended for another two years until 5/21/1441 AH.

The goals of the Training Center for Natural Resources Conservation:
  • Providing employees of the National Center for Wildlife, employees of governmental agencies, the private sector, and Arab country candidates with knowledge and skills in the fields of wildlife and biodiversity conservation in order to raise their efficiency and productivity.
  • Preparing studies and consultations related to biodiversity conservation.
  • Raise awareness of biodiversity conservation.

To achieve these goals, the training center carries out the following activities:
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating various training programs in the fields of biodiversity conservation.
  • Conducting studies and technical consultations related to the fields of biodiversity conservation.
  • Organizing workshops, seminars and activities related to biodiversity conservation.
  • Participate in the implementation of agreements and memoranda of understanding and prepare reports and conferences that are assigned to the training center.
  •  Cooperating with specialized training centers in the Kingdom and abroad in all fields related to raising awareness and preserving biodiversity.
  • Preparing and implementing environmental awareness and educational programs in the field of biodiversity conservation.

The Vision :
  • The training center should be one of the distinguished regional resources in developing skills, developing capabilities and spreading awareness in the fields of natural resources conservation.

The Mission :
Pioneering and upgrading the provision of training and awareness programs and courses in the fields of natural resources conservation.

Training programs offered by the center from 2015-2019:
Training programs for employees of the National Center for Wildlife Development:
  • Rehabilitation of a team for collecting and following up samples for bird flu.
  •  Qualifying members of the West Coast Conservationists to enforce the law of hunting wild animals and birds.
  • The law of protected areas for wildlife for hunting wild animals and birds.
  •  Strategies and techniques for effective antipoaching.
  • Training of Trainers workshop for implementing training programs in the educational sector.
  • Foundational Program for the Preparation of Ranger Beginners.
  • Monitoring, counting and ringing of migratory water birds.
  • The training visit of the Arabian Oryx Monitoring and Tracking Team in Aruq Bani Maared Reserve to the Protected Areas of Abu Dhabi.
  • Introduction to the IUCN Red List.
  • Introduction to regional and international agreements and treaties in the field of nature conservation.
  • Strategic and economic planning of protected areas.
  • Foundational program for the preparation of marine researchers.
  • Ecotourism and eco-guiding.
  • Monitoring biodiversity and analyzing data.
  • Program for statistical analysis of data and writing scientific papers.
  • Presentation, and speech skills.
  • Wildlife Photography.
  • Prince Nayef program for first aid.
  •  Preparing and writing scientific reports.
  • Management of invasive birds
  • Plant cultivation and horticulture.
  • Training of Trainers

Training programs directed to other agencies:
  • Conserving wildlife and relevant legislation
  • Managing volunteering in the field of wildlife conservation
  • Combating illegal trade in wildlife and applying CITES agreement
  • Rehabilitation of employees of the General Administration of Mujahideen working in supporting protected areas
  • Environmental education
  • Biodiversity in extra-curricular activities
Regional and international workshop programs:
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) CHM Clearing-House Workshop

Awareness programs and events:
  • Wildlife Ethics Program
  • Environmental awareness program
  • Awareness exhibitions
  • Awareness lectures
  • Environment and wildlife workshop for children
  • A workshop on the importance of biodiversity for children
  • Wildlife in the folklore workshop
  • Workshop discover our kingdom's natural treasures
  • "Biodiversity is a pillar of sustaining life" Workshop
  • "Seven principles in dealing with nature" Workshop

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