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Privacy Policy

​The National Center for Wildlife portal places the confidentiality of the information of its users and visitors at the top of the list of priorities, and the portal administration makes every effort to provide a high-quality service to all beneficiaries. Visitors to the portal and the beneficiaries of its services must constantly review the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality of information to know any updates made. Note that the portal administration is not required to announce any updates made to these terms and principles, and your use of the portal means that you are aware of and agree to these terms and principles and the continuous amendments made to them.

Privacy Policy and Terms:
The privacy policy and terms described below are part of the terms and conditions for using the website of the National Center for Wildlife Development.

Privacy of user information:
The privacy and protection of your personal information is an important matter for us, as we at the National Center for Wildlife believe that your personal information is private and confidential, and therefore we devote our efforts to protect your privacy and provide you with the highest standards of protection, and this policy describes what personal information we collect, how to deal with it and how Protect it.
​Security of personal information:
  • A privacy and confidentiality of information document has been prepared to help visitors and users understand the nature of the data that is collected from them when they visit the portal and how to deal with it.
  • The portal administration takes appropriate measures to preserve the personal information according to the measures that guarantees its protection from loss, unauthorized access, abuse, or unauthorized modification and disclosure.
Among the most important measures in place in the center to protect the visitor's personal information:
  1. Strict procedures and measures to protect the security of information and the technology that we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
  2. Regular and periodic updating of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards.
  3. Our employees are qualified and trained to respect the confidentiality of the personal information of our visitors
Protect your privacy:
In order to be able to help you protect your personal information, we recommend the following:
  1. Contact us immediately when you think that someone was able to obtain your password, use code, password, or any other confidential information.
  2. Do not give out confidential information over the phone or the Internet unless you know the identity of the person or party receiving the information.
  3. Use a safe browser when you complete transactions over the Internet and close unused applications on the network, and make sure that the anti-virus program is always updated.
  4. In the event that there are any inquiries or opinions about privacy principles, you can contact the portal administration via the contact form on the Contact Us page.
  5. This portal may contain electronic links to sites or portals that may use methods to protect information and its privacy that differ from the methods used by us, and we are not responsible for the contents, methods and peculiarities of these other sites, and we advise you to refer to the privacy notices of those sites.
Liability restrictions:
Under no circumstances shall the National Center for Wildlife be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damages arising from the use or inability to use this site. This condition applies whether the alleged liability is contractual, default, liability arising from negligence, or any other form of legal liability.
In the event of a service interruption arising from the force majeure, the National Center for Wildlife shall not be held responsible for those faults or any damages related to them.​​


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